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                 "LET'S HIPHOP"

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The fans and street is calling. Hiphop needs us!! They asked us for Barz, Creativity, Beats and Birdz so #LETS F**KIN HIPHOP!!!
* #SportyAllDay, R.i.p Marlon Brando

24,000+ Mixtapes Downloads!! Thx for the Sporty Love!! Keep HipHop'in!!

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Now over 24,000+ of our**NEW 2013 SPORTY-THIEVZ MIXAPE**now downloaded here at:  We appreciate all the incredible love and feedback. We’re just trying to let the game know Classic HipHop an Originality still exists. For everyone complaining and asking why we did not post the mixtape first on Dattpiff and the other sites, sorry about that. We needed it exclusively on our site at first but were putting it up on the others right now.. Also for those with iphone, ipads or Androids that were having problem with downloading or using our flash music player from our website, sorry we are working on a fix. Again thx for the love and incredible response an feedback for the New Mixtape… Keep it coming!!!!! Also special shouts an luv to all of yal that repost or retweet our post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. #LuvIsLuv #SportyAllDay #LetsHipHop!!!  ---  R.I.P. Marlon Brandoe!!! What up haaaaAAAA!!!

-KingKirk Follow on Instragram: @SportyThievz_KingKirk  on Twitter: @SportyThievz

No More Talk Lets HipHop

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KingKirk SportyThievz presents....

Speak Your Mind pt1. Cinema,Beats & Brawdz

    Track List:

  1. The Pen (Produced by: Big Dubez)
  2. Don't Wanna Hear it (Produced by: KingKirk)
  3. HipHop Thievz (feat: Marlon Brando BigDubez & Big Dev)
  4. Emergency Club Announcement (Produced by: KingKirk )
  5. Get Doe (Produced by: KingKirk feat:J.M)
  6. Speak Ya Mind (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Seqoya)
  7. Got to Work (Produced by: Big Dubez)
  8. The Juror (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Marlon Brando, BigDubez)
  9. Consumed (Produced by KingKirk: feat: Big Dev )
  10. Keep it mov'in (Produced by KingKirk feat: Big Dev and Verlon)
  11. Kid Capri Sh*t (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Kid Capri)
  12. What I Look Like Tremix (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Wunda Woman,Marlon Brando & J.M.)
  13. Cheap Catz (Produced by: KingKirk feat: BigDubez and Marlon Brando)
  14. Assinat'em Hitman (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Agent Mayhiem)
  15. Special Education (Produced by: KingKirk)
  16. Cry Threw it (Produced by: KingKirk)
  17. The Terrorist (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Marlon Brando)
  18. Thx 4 Nothing (Produced by: KingKirk feat: J.M.)
  19. GOD IS GOOD (Produced by: KingKirk)
  20. Kicked Out/F*ck Facebook (Produced by: KingKirk)

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Welcome To

Welcome to the official Website and Home of Hip Hop Group The Sporty Thievz/Thieves of No Pigeons & Street Cinema.

New 2013 Sporty Thievz Projects/Albums and to be released are:

  1. King Kirk's Speak Ya Mind "Cinema,Beats, & Brawdz" Mixtape *click here* 
  2. The Best of Big Dubez Sporty Thievz Mixtape
  3. Sporty Thievz Album Street Cinema Part 2 (The official follow up to original album).
  4. Sporty Thievz Greatest Hits.

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