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                 "LET'S HIPHOP"

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The fans and street is calling. Hiphop needs us!! They asked us for Barz, Creativity, Beats and Birdz so #LETS F**KIN HIPHOP!!!
* #SportyAllDay, R.i.p Marlon Brando

No More Talk Lets HipHop 2013

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KingKirk SportyThievz presents....

Speak Your Mind pt1. Cinema,Beats & Brawdz

    Track List:

  1. The Pen (Produced by: Big Dubez)
  2. Don't Wanna Hear it (Produced by: KingKirk)
  3. HipHop Thievz (feat: Marlon Brando BigDubez & Big Dev)
  4. Emergency Club Announcement (Produced by: KingKirk )
  5. Get Doe (Produced by: KingKirk feat:J.M)
  6. Speak Ya Mind (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Seqoya)
  7. Got to Work (Produced by: Big Dubez)
  8. The Juror (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Marlon Brando, BigDubez)
  9. Consumed (Produced by KingKirk: feat: Big Dev )
  10. Keep it mov'in (Produced by KingKirk feat: Big Dev and Verlon)
  11. Kid Capri Sh*t (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Kid Capri)
  12. What I Look Like Tremix (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Wunda Woman,Marlon Brando & J.M.)
  13. Cheap Catz (Produced by: KingKirk feat: BigDubez and Marlon Brando)
  14. Assinat'em Hitman (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Agent Mayhiem)
  15. Special Education (Produced by: KingKirk)
  16. Cry Threw it (Produced by: KingKirk)
  17. The Terrorist (Produced by: KingKirk feat: Marlon Brando)
  18. Thx 4 Nothing (Produced by: KingKirk feat: J.M.)
  19. GOD IS GOOD (Produced by: KingKirk)
  20. Kicked Out/F*ck Facebook (Produced by: KingKirk)

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Welcome to the official Website and Home of Hip Hop Group The Sporty Thievz/Thieves of No Pigeons & Street Cinema.

New 2013 Sporty Thievz Projects/Albums and to be released are:

  1. King Kirk's Speak Ya Mind "Cinema,Beats, & Brawdz" Mixtape *click here* 
  2. The Best of Big Dubez Sporty Thievz Mixtape
  3. Sporty Thievz Album Street Cinema Part 2 (The official follow up to original album).
  4. Sporty Thievz Greatest Hits.

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